My YouTube Community Tab Is Live

YouTube features become available to a YouTuber depending on the channel’s age and history. One of these milestone-driven features is the YouTube Community Tab which lets the YouTuber create rich media posts. However, youtube content creators typically require five hundred subscribers to activate the YouTube community tab posts. I am writing this post to highlight that I have 47 subscribers on Akp51v Content Management Vlogs, my first YouTube channel, and yet, I can create YouTube community tab posts since 16th October 2022.

You can now check this feature by visiting my YouTube community tab and reading my first post, which includes four tips revealing how a content writer or fellow creator can explore new content creation ideas and concepts irrespective of a reduction in creative capabilities.

Why Did This Feature Become Active on Akp51v Content Management Vlogs?

I hypothesize that all content creation, management, marketing, and optimization service providers or publishing platforms occasionally evaluate small content creators to identify potentially essential or creatively unique creators. Of course, it seems I consider myself superior. Still, I also believe these selective relaxations in norms are attempts to balance the game for small content creators, i.e., new YouTubers in this case.

Let me elaborate on this conceptualization through the modified depiction of some of my most recent personal experiences.

I used Koo App a few weeks ago to create multiple posts or Koos. Koo App is a Made-in-India social microblogging platform that competes with Twitter. While it allows you to make the Koos (counterparts of Tweets) in multiple language versions, I wanted to save the readers’ efforts that go into clicking a language selection button. So, I wrote all three language versions within the 500-character count limit on the Koo App for some of my Koos.

Let me try embedding a Koo in this post using the custom HTML block.

Koo App
Your previous efforts might not have rewarded you the way you wanted, but they made you a bit stronger for your growth in life. #English #Motivation आपने कल तक जो मेहनत की है, शायद उससे आपको इच्छित परिणाम आज न मिले हो। पर की गई कोशिशों ने हमेशा ही आपको थोडा थोडा कर के अधिक काबिल बनाया है। अब यह आपको निश्चित करना है, की अगले दिन किस तरह से नए प्रयास शुरू करने चाहिए। #हिंदी #सुविचार आपण आजवर केलेल्या प्रयत्नांतून अपेक्षित यश मिळाले नसले तरी उद्याच्या आव्हानांसाठी आपण धीट बनलात. #मराठी #विचारधन
Akp51v (@akp51v) 16 Sep 2022

After such posts, specific statistics in my Koo Analytics highlighted that I must create multiple Koos a week. Doing so helps me to increase my content reach. Every social media platform now rewards rich content and high-engagement topics, which is the primary reason for prioritizing content quality over quantity.

However, small content creators must increase the quantity of their content if they have hardly one to three posts. Usually, such insights are available on Pinterest boards; take the example of my Pinterest boards.

Yet, established and new content publishing social networks have become more aggressive about encouraging content creators to spend more time and effort on each platform. Competition has increased; big corporations and nascent startups know that.

So, YouTube relaxing its feature norms is similar to how Pinterest has improved Pin Analytics. Meanwhile, Koo App directly promises to reward the creators’ consistent posting or Koo streaks. These creator incentivization strategies are gamification modules on social networking and content publishing platforms.


I am happy that Akp51v Content Management Vlogs have the community tab post capabilities. Still, I do not understand why I cannot get a post-specific link. Therefore, I cannot leverage the YouTube channel community tab like a regular blog or my Blogspot, SummaryMaster51v Dark. Besides, how the post visibility works is a bit confusing.

For example, non-subscribers can see your community posts if they have watched your videos. It is beneficial for organic growth on YouTube. However, more granular visibility options are preferable.

Of course, YouTube community tab posts support Image Polls and Playlist Videos. For now, I will focus on the text and image combination in the Akp51v Content Management Vlogs community tab.