Marketing Without Cookies

Today, you can still use cookies to know how many visitors see your site, how long they stay on it, and how they navigate between pages. However, Google’s Chrome browser and many other web services will phase out cookies. Even if they don’t do it, cookie banners that 99% of visitors ignore already give you incomplete data. Nobody is going to click the “Accept All” button because you are legally required to provide them with an instant cookie blocker.

So, enjoy whatever limited data you acquire through cookies. Do you think that first-party cookies will save the marketing industry? Nope. Not so fast.

Instead, some marketing channels are about to become more valuable, more expensive, and more analytical. You can say that it is true: Cookieless web has truly made the marketing industry a hundred times stronger.

Simply put, your website and email trackers have become a joke. However, your social media accounts just went up in value. Remember, every website that offers the “logged in” user experience already requires cookies. So, consider the following marketing channels for successful marketing without cookies.

  1. Working with influencers and content publishers who already have the audience you want.
  2. Exchanging free deliverables for emails and SMS permissions.
  3. Paid social media campaigns will become much more expensive. Yet, they must also offer businesses and content creators advanced on-platform analytics to justify the increase in paid social costs.
  4. Adding user creation features to your sites and apps.
  5. Directly interact with customers (making sure you do not annoy them).

Essentially, you want to treat your growth on social networks more seriously to win the marketing game in the era of cookieless customer analysis.