Support Akp51v’s Content: Tip Jars Included

As per the Transparency Principle, I must tell you that I work as a freelancer or service provider ( digital content ). So, the tips and contributions are optional. Still, if you believe that Akp51v’s content is meaningful and valuable, you can help my personal projects via the methods described below.

Let’s start with the Short List of tip-collecting partners.

  1. Ko-Fi Profile of Akp51v [once]
  2. My Liberapay Page [recurr]
  3. Patreon [recurr]
  4. Akp51v’s Razorpay Page [once, all Indian and International Payments]
  5. Instamojo Link [once, all India-only Payment Methods]
  6. BuyMeACoffee* [once, Indian methods only, see the section B.2 note on this page]

And my Blogspot site, SummaryMaster51v Dark, is supported by Ads. Additionally, you can learn about my freelancing profiles at the bottom of this article.

Now, you will get in-depth details about the support methodology.

Part A – Non-Monetary Support Methods

You do not need to spend real money to help your beloved content creators. Sometimes, a few good-faith mentions or links are sufficient to assist that creator’s work. After all, exposure is essential for any creator’s growth. In this section, you will find the non-monetary ways of helping your creators reach a brand new milestone.

A.1 | Spread the Word – Share Share Share

You can mention your favourite creators on your social media handles. Believe it or not, but each of your shares, mentions or tags are priceless in the eyes of the content creators. Because every content creator does not build his freelancer agency.

As such, you have limited time and workforce to focus on promoting your creations, funding sources or service offerings.

In fact, there is no other type of marketing superior to the old and classic “Word of Mouth” approach. Thus, sharing, following and interacting with Akp51v’s content… Yes, these are absolutely awesome ways to support me.

You will find my “ Page” at the end of this article. It features some interesting links, including my social media handles and some past content.

A.2 | Link back to me ( ) when you use my Creations

Or, you could include a reasonably readable watermark as “Akp51v” wherever you have used my content in your projects. Because for a content creator, his name is everything to him. Unlike some business entities with a dedicated PR and Marketing Budget, solo creators rely on their audience for the backlinks.

Also, if your watermark is not visible clearly, it only ruins your output file’s visual appeal.

A.2.1 | An Idea for Making the Watermarks/Signia Less Annoying to your Audience:

To include a noticeable watermark, you can treat it as an integral part of your layout or main subject. For example, use your watermark for the texture of the surfaces. It can be a part of a cloud, shirt or the name of a building. In short, your watermark will become an easter egg or hidden reference.

Yes, you can challenge your creativity by experimenting with different ideas for mentioning your personal brand ( watermark ).

Part B – Financial Support Methods

If you have a debit card or digital wallet that supports international transactions, you might wish to tip the content creator directly. In general, many sites ensure an Advertisement-less reading experience by accepting donations, memberships or exporting digital goods.

In the online creator community, your monetary payments are tagged as Royalties, Gifts and Donations, etc. But depending on the fund collection platforms, these transactions will have other names.

Usually, the payment processing partners and those tip collecting platforms are called “tip jars” by most creators.

B.0.1 | Important Disclosure about Akp51v sites:

While the main goal of fund gathering is to keep the ads away from a platform or website, I have some sites using additional revenue models. For example, I have used Affiliate Marketing Networks in the past. Also, I have some sites supported by Ad Network(s).

I happen to have access to some referral links, though some of them have already expired. And in the past, I was approached for something called the “sponsored posts” on my social media handles.

This note is important because you must know that I desire greater cash inflows. At the end of the day, nobody should keep all their eggs in a single bucket. Thus, I am not planning to stop at my Content Writing Inflows.

B.0.2 | Risk Management from a Content Creator Perspective:

Think about it. From a Risk Management point of view, you should create content on more than one platform. Use more than one user ID. Be present on more than one fund-collecting partner. Secure multiple Payment Processing Partners. Enrol in different Ad Networks and Affiliate Networks.

Yes, someone is always saying that planning for failure or having a plan B can invite failure. Doing so might reduce your confidence levels or unproductive overthinking.

But I have reasons to believe that:

“The regret of losing is less painful than failing to plan better.”

– Akp51v, 20 December. 2021

If you have read this far, I am assuming you know that some of my websites use Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies ( Trackers ). But I use high reputation Ad Networks, so the privacy of all users is in the safe hands to some extent. Either way, you can always use the Cookie Removing Tools for saving your MBs and calming your inner doubts.

With this, I accept your monetary contributions in the following modes.

B.1 | International Payments – Patreon and Ko-Fi

Visit my Ko-Fi Page for One-Time Tips.

Or, try my Liberapay Profile for PayPal Recurring Donations.

Or, join My Patreon Tiers for Recurring Tips / Subscribing.

B.2 | Indian Payments – Instamojo and BuyMeACoffee

Use my Instamojo Payment Link for the same facilities. ( Minimum 12 INR. as of 20.12.2021 )

Or, visit my BuyMeACoffe Page* for giving your tips via UPI, Net Banking, Local-use ATM Cards, NEFT, IMPS and Local Mobile Wallets. Thanks to Razorpay. ( Minimum 75 INR as of 20.12.2021 ) [*] And after clicking the “Support $1” button, do not use the “Pay with Card” option. Only click the first button with UPI Logo.

B.3 | Razorpay for All Indian and International Payments

It took me some time to take Razorpay seriously. But after using it in the Tips option in my Twitter profile, I am glad because Razorpay does a good job of supporting all the Indian and International payment methods. Thus, here is my Razorpay Page for collecting your contributions. Be it UPI or PayPal.

Part C – Service-based Commissioned Works

In all the methods, you may or may not receive an object or experience of equal value of your contributions. But you can subcontract me for freelance writing projects via the following platforms. Note that, some platforms hide my profile if you are not signed into them as a client.




Or, we can work directly via “PayPal Invoicing”, though the advance payment might be necessary depending on the billable amount. Get in touch via [email protected] with a relevant Subject Line, of course.

Part D – Linktree of my Sites, Social Media and Much More

If you want to explore my content, see my Linktree page. Because I have created content on numerous platforms, I have added my profile links to that Linktree. But remember, I will have my dedicated page soon enough. So, do not rely on Linktree too much.

Why so? Well, any responsible search engine or social media platform views a page such as Linktree in the same manner as a “Link Hub.” Thus, you might increase the risk of broken links or your sites’ ranking by over-using Linktree.