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Your Ad Revenue is never enough. And your growth can benefit from outsourcing some activities. Thus, Akp51v provides you with these realistic solutions. Let’s begin with my favourite Affiliate Programmes.

Mandatory Disclosure: For your qualifying purchases, after you use my affiliate or referral links, I may earn a commission at no added cost to you.

1 | Fiverr Affiliates

If you have noticed this programme on many Affiliate Marketing Networks, you know that the payouts can be superb. In fact, I strongly recommend you this affiliate programme. And to directly join this programme without any affiliate network of middle-agents, don’t forget to use my link below.

Also, I would go as far as saying that Fiverr Affiliates get the most variety of Commission Models in an affiliate program. Whether you are a Percentage Cut type of person or need a fixed value per purchase, Fiverr has your back.

Become a Fiverr Affiliate Like Me.

But what to do if you really want to join an Affiliate Network? i.e. a single dashboard with a thousand Affiliate Programs of all Geos, Commission Models and a variety of Creative Sizes.

2 | Indoleads.com – Give it a try

I have tried some affiliate networks that failed to give me all the digital asset sizes. But Indoleads includes those banners. Yes, some programmes on their platform make you wait for the approval. But I got approved within 24 hours at times. But watch out for the campaign time duration.

In some cases, you might need to revisit your content to update or remove those links.

Pro Tip: Use the well known Affiliate Programme Offers. Because their campaigns last longer.

Join the Indoleads Affiliate Network.

3 | VidIQ – Your A.I. Helper for YouTube Success in 100% Organic Manner

Yes, I have a YouTube Channel and you can guess how frustrating it can get to not see any growth. With VidIQ and its Artificial Intelligence by my side, I feel that SEO for vlogging gets a lot easier.

Do you wish to boost organically? Don’t you want to test if this A.I. can help your channel?

If you are serious about saving your time and letting automation steal your mundane chores, then you know what to do now. Now, this is Akp51v officially admitting the ease of use of VidIQ. And thus, you should use it too!

Invest in any VidIQ Plan for your YouTube Channel.

And do not worry, they have subscriptions for every YouTuber. You can be a small channel or a big one. Are you a solo performer or an international enterprise? After visiting the page linked above, your jaw will drop due to affordability. Even I was shocked!