Website Freedom

The free websites are never free, and you face several restrictions concerning what you can or cannot do with them. However, having a self-hosted WordPress site means your host has absolutely nothing to do with what you do on your website.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to get an adequately hosted website for complete control over your content. Nobody can tell you what to do on your site, and this experience is the closest thing similar to true freedom.

Of course, you must earn enough money to maintain the website for multiple years. But it is worth the trouble.

“All the best with your website.” – Akp51v

AK Patil akp51v

Hi, I am a freelance Content Writer. After my Civil Engineering degree, I learned new skills. Then, I wrote some Blogger blogs. Tried Medium as well as Tumblr. Now, I am available on PeoplePerHour, Fiverr and Upwork for freelance projects. Playing with the shapes, colours and words is one of my main hobbies.