AK Patil is a digital content creator, who blogs at “SummaryMaster51v Dark” and loves to play with the words, the punctuation marks, the tone of language, and the multimedia content forms.

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Hi, I am a freelance writer. And using a few blogs, I exercise my brain. The topics might include casual discussions of the various aspects of life. Also, I share the different methods that can help you get new content ideas.

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So, I started writing on my Blogspot. Then, I picked up a few skills. And I worked as a freelance content writer. In general, you need to learn the basics of SEO, search console, Google Analytics, drafting the policies and visual designs. Also, you must understand how each social media platform has its unique rules.

But eventually, you want to learn about servers, firewalls, customer domains and hosting.

Then, you start working on a WordPress site that has additional tools, such as Yoast SEO, User Management and the Image Compressors etc.

While I have studied and applied the basic HTML/CSS for my Blogspots, this website grants me the power of WordPress as my CMS ( Content Management System ).

Let’s see how this site evolves over time.

Akp51v, signing out for now.