The Individual Human Potential – Never Undervalue Your Worth

With age, you become more boring. But wait… how could that be possible? No, it has to be wrong. Well, it can be true. Because you were more curious about every new experience when you were a kid. Each and every object, person, event and effect of your interactions used to matter a lot.

Isn’t it valid? You were so full of life during your earlier days in this limited human lifespan.

However, you know that our inner child, had to ‘grow up’ because the world wants everything to be always so fast; on top of that, we have been conditioned to believe this, as if it is the only possible interpretation of what it means to be working and getting paid for it.

“We get payments for selling our time.”



In a nutshell, the amount of time spent on a project, assignment or discussion session automatically punishes us, if do the work faster. You can rewrite the entire idea, as ‘asking your stakeholders to force you to do it fast’ since the smaller the amount of time spent on a project, the less would the ultimate settlement to be made.

Due to a confusing misinterpretation of what it means to be competitive, you fall into the trap of accepting too many projects simultaneously and finishing them faster.

Stress builds up, and not in a healthy way.

And now, the anxiety induced by the numerical quantity, in our bank balance, gets more consideration from us. Chasing after the numbers might make us feel proud, but that alone is not enough. See the problem is not lying in accepting the multiple economic activities; the issue here, trying to ‘juggle’ them without being transparent about it.

Say it; out, clear and aloud.

That it’s hurting you, your long-term well being and the project at your hand. Will it earn you unwanted attention? Probably, yes; that would be thy fate. But if you are going to significantly damage your body and your mind during the operations and the processes, isn’t the risk of a complete health disaster going to be remarkably high?

The illusion of the maximum possible efficiency might have hurt our brain and body, as well as our value proposition, in an intense manner.

So, where do we go from this point onwards?

Instead of trying to ‘fit’ too many different work activities into a single clock-hour, we can take it a bit more lightly; not because we wish to slack off, or increase the final bill of settlement, but due to the other possibilities hidden in every piece of work. Having a fixed price saves the clients the trouble of running various estimates or projections, related to your offerings.

And the human risk of any form of ‘micromanagement’ is avoided altogether.

How would this affect our perception of ‘Human Capacity’ or what a single person can accomplish? For starters, creativity is boosted in the high-stress environment as well as in the Low-Stress Environment. In fact, the latter enables you and your stakeholders to proceed with extreme care. The greatest amount of the effort, attention and detailing can be allocated for a few high-value high-risk projects; instead of getting yourself busy just for the sake of it.

That’s a more meaningful and satisfying outcome, for you, your team and your clients.