Consistency is Easy to Spell Out, Difficult to Adhere to

Every day, we wake up, brush our teeth, and continue to live our life. You can afford to spend some time on your hobbies, or other recreational activities. I happened to have those opportunities too. There is the time between the two stations, and then there are those moments on the stairs, in the lift, during the meals. Apparently, being consistent in your Online

Activities or even in your Offline Obligations seems so ‘easy’.

Oh, is it really?



We clever little human-beings, are the most creative souls, when we ought to justify our inaction or laziness, with the excuses. So many of them! Remarkable is our brain, as heavy as our wrists.

Not easy, maybe in the beginning it was, but over the period of time, we tend to undergo the ups and downs of this life.

Once the life happens, you get so ‘busy’ that being ‘productive’ takes a backseat.

What a tragedy…

Of creativity…

However, just because being a Regular Routine Master, is not that simple; you cannot quit, right? We humans have this within us. Never giving up that easily.

Not now, not ever;

Since we will keep walking, forward, forever.

After coming up with the multiple blogger blogs, conceptually initiating some YouTube Channels, creating Instagram posts (graphics), and even trying out Tumblr, Twitter, Medium and Pinterest; what did I do?

I neglected… them all. And for way too long, I had kept at working on those, hardly for once or twice in a week.

You can see what went wrong.

See, there is (was) never any assurance of any kind, of being an overnight success. If I hadn’t noticed the ‘Earnings’ section on Blogger, I would never have known how easy it was to apply for AdSense.

But after that, I became greedy or even insecure.

You know, don’t you, how the things can quickly escalate once we start comparing our ‘newcomer’ selves, with the already established professionals. It is easy to forget, that everyone was a Level One, at some point in time.

So far, I can assure you only one thing, I loved what I did. Those creations might be highly flawed, but you know, that is my own original work; it is not my consumption of something readymade.

Instead, even for a negligible micro or nano scale, I have my websites, and the blog post… my stupid ‘first vlogs’, and those illustrations on Instagram or Shutterstock.

As the job-hunt reaches its conclusion, I would have less time to be spent on these projects or my dear ‘experiments’. Still, I won’t stop just here.

Because even you can understand, the joy of starting something of your own, independently.

So, let’s keep creating, and be careful of our own mindset, which can drag us down by over-thinking about, the worth of what we do.

Let’s give this all a few years; we have already gave up our crucial years, to the ‘Schooling system’ and the formalities… So a few years, for our hobby-experiments, shouldn’t be a bad idea.

Trying to be consistent, again.

You too, all the best with the life, and never abandon your hobbies, no matter what.