Quick List of Online Privacy Protection Methods

Because every app and website is tracking you, even at this very moment… You would benefit from these solutions. In this article, we will go through a quick review. And thus, let’s start enlisting the related tools and tips.

Simple Methods for Enhancing Online Privacy

No need to download or configure anything. Yes, the methods below are easy for everyone.

  1. Enable ‘Do Not Track‘ settings in your browsers. And this feature is available in all major browsers and mobiles. Here, your browser will request the website not to track you. Although the site can still choose to track you, professional websites will honour your request.
  2. Erase your browser data. Now, every browser saves your frequently websites in cache. Also, your site-specific settings and cookies are stored on your device. These tools enable a faster online experience. But you can erase the site data of the irrelevant websites which you have visited only twice.
  3. Make your Social Media Accounts private. Each online platform allows you to restrict your online profile visibility. So, you should be careful about the other users stalking your profile. If you want to share content only with your close people, making your profile private is a great choice.

Note 1. Incognito Mode or Private Browsing is not a defence against online surveillance. These special tabs simply avoid recording your browsing history in your browser. This has nothing to do with how your data is harvested by a website or an online service.

Note 2. Telemetry or Diagnostic Usage Data is collected to understand how the users handle a software or product. These details tell the developers, site owners or your service providers about the popularity of a feature. Also, if a tool or an option is misbehaving with errors and glitches; these details help them spot the problem. Still, you can always opt-out of such data collection by an app, website or device OS through their Settings sections.

Better Methods to boost your Privacy

Of course, you have more advanced and precise solutions to guard your privacy over the web. Although the methods are great, you might want to use them sparingly. Because some honest online websites could lose Ad Revenues despite providing the world with their content for free.

Yet, there is no excuse for a website full of ads, showing only a paragraph or two. Here is the list of more allround solutions to defend yourself against the tracker-bloated websites.

  1. Use VPN. A virtual private network can literally show you in a different geolocation. Others can learn that you are using VPN. But they cannot see exactly what you are doing with it. Still, be cautious of the free VPN providers. Consider an eighty percent chance that they store your user logs.
  2. Install TOR browser. It is available for the computers and the smartphones. Note that, TOR browser is not going to help you if you are using Social Media sites or Search Engines. You should directly visit your desired website.
  3. Get the Blockers. A blocker can stop JavaScripts, Cookies and / or Ads. They are Browser Plugins, Extensions or Add-ons. Kindly block only the truly intrusive types of scripts, cookies and ads. Some website could behave in an abnormal manner is all the cookies or scripts are blocked.

Note 3. Again, JavaScripts and Cookies can be good or meaningful on a good reputation website. With the usual setup, the users can get more wholesome features, animations and special speed tweaks. Even the ads help the website owners financially. Because running a website has its own operating costs.

The Final Thoughts

We all want better privacy. And free internet, free apps and free services. But this is unsustainable. Everything needs money. And businesses need to be efficient. So, more precise user data becomes a gold mine. Till a safe limit, such data can help all the stakeholders.

Yet, excess of anything is a formula for the absolute chaos.

With the rising trend of misusing user information for non-marketing purposes, Online Privacy became more important. What was limited to the number of views, has an ability to decipher your personal sphere?

This tug of war is impossible to be resolved. So, a selective compromise on both sides is inevitable.

For now, the website owners, content publishers and the sales professionals must resist the temptation of Pop-up Tsunamis. Also, the users could help the software developers, websites and platforms through affordable purchases. Well, the Donations approach is not a sustainable idea in the long run.

And even if you use an Ad Blocker, consider adding the cleaner sites into Exceptions settings of your Blocker.

See ya soon.