Earth is an Interesting Planet

While the debate about the total number of planets continues, we keep living. You are lucky to be alive. Though the life is mostly a bittersweet circus. And all the colours rejoice their shades on our planet. So, dear planet Earth is full of life.



So many mysteries still reside within this Blue Planet. Just imagine how many species and lifeforms are yet to be discovered.

A photo captured by Apollo 8 crew. This photo depicts the planet Earth.
Photo of planet Earth by Apollo 8, Bill Anders, on 1 December 1968. Public Domain. Wiki.

As the human beings, we are just one of them. In one way, it is fascinating and exciting. We don’t know everything about our planet. Hence, we keep searching for the better answers. And for the greater outcomes. After all, humanity seeks the patterns in the nature.

Then, we add more value to these patterns, using some form logic or belief system.

As our hardware, this human body, grows older… we pass down our ‘knowledge’ to the next generation. Hoping to see them lead a more satisfying life. With less wars, and more love. One generation turns into dust. Then, the youth overtakes the world.

With new ideas and the different methods, each person tries to survive. But for us, simply surviving has never been enough.

Humans need to explore. We need to know more. Understand more. Do more. Because we seek happiness. And a sense of being complete in our life. In this regard, we are no different than the atoms. To become stable, the atoms borrow or share their electrons. Thus, the molecules are born.

And this cycle continues. It keeps going on. Throughout the universe; for multiple times.

Humans desire to dedicate themselves to something bigger than mere survival. And that is how we form the groups. Then, the clans. Eventually, we found the kingdoms. After that, the nations emerged. During this entire process, we kept borrowing or sharing our ideas with others.

This cycle kept continuing in perpetuity. And there seems no end to it.

What a great coincidence! The process of Creation, Existence and Destruction is same. Yes, it stays so similar for the non-living as well as the living. Turns out, every last person we meet gives us something. And we affect others even after our final good night.

That is a remarkable feature of planet Earth. This is an intruding and thrilling design, indeed.

So, the planet Earth has a lot to offer. Also, the younger generations need to preserve her components. As a result, we always have something to look forward to. A newer technology? Or, a less harmful material? Who knows…

We still wake up each day, despite of so many uncertainties. That is a miracle on its own.